Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Report from Monday February 11, 2013

On Sunday the Bishop of Belize was in San Pedro for a Baptism that Joyce, Hilly, Peter, and Jim attended. Ms. Grace, the principal at Holy Cross, teachers, and families are pleased that the Bishop is supportive of a Church being built as part of the school.

Canon 580EX Speedlite
Joyce speaks with the Bishop

On Monday morning Ms. Grace and volunteer coordinator Lydia welcomed us to the school

Flexibility was the order of the day as representatives from the Belize Department of Education came to evaluate the school all day and Ms Grace requested we postpone interrupting classes for heights, weights, eye exams and physicals, so we focused on other projects. Kristin and Anna (from University of Mississippi) joined Jim in making house calls in San Mateo.

Kristin checks an infant's eyes in San Mateo

George, Bob, and Mike prepare post holes for the new Water Garden roof  

Two new construction projects are underway: a secondary roof structure over the Water Garden, a part of the waste reuse system at Holy Cross, and a shade structure that will eventually be built near the Standard V and Standard IV classrooms. Enormous batches of thatch needed to be hauled from the area near the Computer room to the area close to where they will be used.



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