Monday, February 13, 2017

Around San Pedro

Here is a series of photos about what it's like to be in San Pedro.  They'll never do justice to actually being there, but you can get an idea anyway.

So this is how coconut trees get started.  Found this on the beach.

At our favorite ice cream store, DandE's, they post your birthday.  Look carefully, you may recognize more than one name here.

Sarah was definitely one of them.

Golf carts are the number two way of getting around (right after feet).  You see them everywhere!

A local graveyard, just off the beach in a walled in garden.  You'd never know it was there if Jim hadn't stumbled across it.

Well, maybe bicycles are the number 2 way of getting around and golf carts are number 3?  I don't have the stats.

Sunrise from the hotel porch.

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