Monday, February 13, 2017

High School Business Fair

On Friday, Nancy and Mary Beth went to a business fair at Holy Cross High School.  The fair was an opportunity for high school students who had been learning how to form a business plan to showcase their work.

Above is Nancy grabbing a cab.  Most cabs in San Pedro are minivans and are shared by everyone going the same direction so the cabs act almost like little buses, except you get to decide where the stops are.  You don't have to look around for an official stop.

The business fair had dozens of booths.  We checked out two of them...

Island Paintball Warzone was a well thought out plan for a paintball theme park.

One of it's creators was also a student being sponsored by a family at Saint Luke's.  She is shown in the middle below.

The students recognized that there isn't a lot of recreation for youth in the area and that paintball would probably sell well with tourists as well.  So they created a mission statement,

some objectives,

a scale model of their proposed park and building,

and even examples of the equipment they would provide to customers, along with a flyer.

Next we headed over to Inspiration Inc, a business proposed to help unemployed people figure out how to gain the skills they need to find a job.  

Here are close ups of the Mission and Vision

Another Saint Luke's sponsored student was part of the team for this booth.  Here you can see her with Nancy.

And here are shots of their scale model, the front...

a waiting room, 

and an office.

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