Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Good Bye For Now!

We all headed for home on February 11.  It was sad to say good bye.  We will miss the children and their families, the teachers, the excellent food, DandE's ice cream, the turquoise water, the Belize Chocolate Company and all of their tempting delights - especially the moccachinos, the cool breezes, the long walks along the beach to and from the school, and each other.  I'm sure I have missed things that others on our trip are also missing and I just haven't thought of yet!

Here is a view from the small airplane we take between San Pedro and Belize City.  The flight is breathtakingly beautiful with views of the islands and water below and puffy clouds at eye level.  

Here we are safely on the ground and ready to head off to our various flights out of Belize.  Now you can get a good idea of the size of the airplanes that make that final hop.  Sarah and I rode in the front on the way to San Pedro and the back on the way back to Belize City.  We definitely prefer the front because the view is much better!

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