Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Visiting Maggie

Our first stop in San Mateo was at the home of Maggie.  We sat on her porch and got the local scoop.  Maggie was one of the key organizers when the people of San Mateo decided to start building themselves some roads.  More on the roads in the next post.

Left to right, Jim, Maggie, Katy, and Kim.

While we visited, we were kept company by a chicken and a small dog (under the chair in the picture above).

From the porch we could see evidence of one of the ways that Maggie earns a living.  She collects coconuts,

grinds out the pulp, and sells it to local bakeries and restaurants to use in their recipes.

She also bakes bread and sells it.  She is a very resourceful woman, a community organizer, sole breadwinner in her household and generally someone to be admired!

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