Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Week Two Introductions

As promised, here are photos of this week's team.

Don and Jeanine Leckron.  From Ohio, Don is a retired Presbyterian priest and Jeanine is a retired nurse.  Both are lifelong travelers and learners and keep our conversations going with all sorts of lively stories.  We are really enjoying getting to know them!

Jim and Elizabeth Short.  Jim is our doctor on this trip.  Elizabeth, his daughter, is a recent graduate from undergrad and has been working in her father's office for a year, taking a break before she sets off for medical school.  Both are excellent care providers, patiently explaining the causes of ailments and how to remedy them to students, their parents, and anyone else who wants to learn.

Mary Beth Berkley and her daughter, Sarah Mueller.  Mary Beth is acting as our blog reporter while Sarah is here to get some first hand experience in the medical field as she is interested in a nursing career.  She definitely falls into the "anyone else who wants to learn" category and is soaking up everything that Jim shares, while learning from Elizabeth how to interview the children to best understand what ails them and how to keep track of all the gathered information in an organized fashion.

Last, but certainly not least, our fearless leader, treasurer, restaurant reservation maker, and question answerer, Nancy Usher Williams.  Nancy is the glue that holds us all together.  When she has a minute, she also has been tracking down the last of the children who need their heights and weights taken and helping out in the classroom.  She has an entire week's worth of reading T-shirts which are deeply appreciated by the avid readers in our group.  They also fit right in with the signs full of advice and wisdom we see everywhere here. (See Feb. 6 - "It's a Sign" post).

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