Monday, February 6, 2017


If you've been reading the blog, or already know much about Holy Cross, you'll know that it's built over a wetland.  The original buildings were built on stilts sunk into the mud and everyone got around on pathways of wooden planks.  Slowly, with refuse and piles of sargasso grass raked up along the beaches, the areas underneath the school are being filled in.  A final layer of packed sand finishes off the fill.  It makes for some interesting contrasts.  

If you stand facing one direction, you see a messy pile of junk.

If you turn, not quite 180 degrees, you see a well kept playground.

If you stick close to the back of the building, you can find a stagnant pool of water.

Even though it looks unpleasant, critters still live in the pool.  The black things are snails crawling along the edges of the water. 

Turn 180 degrees and you see a lovely mangrove wetland.  

Walk a few steps forward and you see clear water with anemones...

And hermit crabs thriving on the edges.  There were also lots of fish, but they were hard to photograph!

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