Monday, February 13, 2017

Gifted Story Teller

On Wednesday and Thursday, we discovered that Don is a good story teller.  He went to several classrooms and had the children help him act out several stories from the Gospel.

First he warms up his audience.  Notice the bright window in the back.  Another one of the contrasts on this island is light to dark.  Inside the classrooms they depend mostly on lighting from outside so the classrooms are dark.  Outside, the light is shockingly bright. 

He lets them know what he's going to tell them about...

Next, he gets his audience involved.  Here the kids are acting out bringing the lame man to Jesus for healing.  

Mr. Jones, the class teacher looks on from the back of the room.  

On Thursday, Don had the chance to perform in front of student chapel.  First everyone gathered to recite prayers together.

Then Don told his story.

We finished with group singing.  

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