Friday, February 4, 2011

Can if really be Friday?

It's been such a busy and varied week that it's flown by and here it is Friday already! Team 2 is on the plane and heading down this way and Team 1 has their work cut out for them wrapping up the final minor changes to the height/weight information and finishing up the medical interviews with identified children with health issues.

But first we uphold a Friday tradition with presentation of tips to the kitchen staff. They do such a great job with our breakfasts and lunches not to mention the other 475 lunches they prepare every day.
Then off to our assigned tasks for the day. It's casual Friday today so no uniforms for the kids.
Ted and Jim finished up the boys medical interviews on the porch and Jan did hers at the picnic table. They finished up shortly after lunch. When they completed them Jean pulled the medical records for all of them so they're ready to go on Monday morning with visits with Dr. Jim, Dr. Peter, Nurse Joyce, Lynn and Beth.

We had an early lunch today so the porch would be free for a fundraiser. We got a chance to see the older kids at lunch.

The first Friday of each month the school holds a "Cheap Sale". It's equivalent to a garage sale at home. Any donations that the school can't use from local people and businesses as well as ones brought by volunteers and visitors are sold. It's quite an event.
The security guard moving the sorted clothes to the porch for the sale.
PTA Moms putting out sale items.
Pretty popular place!

They made over 500BZ which would be equivalent to $250US. Not a bad day and lots of kids will have new clothes, shoes and books to read. It's as much a community service as fundraiser for the school--sort of a Belize version of the Spring Fling :-).

John did one more walk around the school before the kids left so you can see why we are here...

You want to hug them all...and they hug you right back. Unfortunately, for many of them, that's the only hug they'll get this week...but it's one they'll remember for a long time and they'll be right there with huge smiles next year saying "You were here last year."

And these ladies are very much the reason we're here, the ones who have made this school become a reality and keep it going and improving despite the huge obstacles they face everyday.

Miss Grace, the principal, is an educator of 41 years and a marvelous role model for the teachers and loving, caring guide for the students.

And Francis Wilson, in the back, writing last minute notes before she heads to Virginia tomorrow for their Diocesan Convention. She and her husband Vernon are the two that got this all started. And Linda, in the front who is the office manager and keeps things moving around here.

At 4:00 or so all the interviews were done, the printer was spitting out the Heights and Weights report complete with BMI's for every year for which we have records, the kids were gone and all was quiet as we headed back to Ruby's for the last time. It's been a most fulfilling and gratifying week for each of us. Watch for some reflections later in the week.

Meanwhile, there was last minute shopping and packing to do and the last relaxing afternoon on the deck with a Belikin.

Team 2 arrived safe and sound with their luggage and the suitcases with donations which were taken to Holy Cross by Mr. Victor for unpacking on Monday. The parade that we had arranged for the Team 2 arrival went by with drums just in time...never mind they were carrying a sign for the Belize Cancer was a great greeting for all.
We got everybody settled in and headed for the Blue Water Grill for dinner and some relaxation and exchanging of information. It's always a fun time at the change out dinner.
One more great day in Belize for St. Luke's!

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