Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Got some rain last night and it's cloudy this morning so hopefully it will be much cooler on the porch today! The setup today was much easier and the medical folks got going soon after classes began. Today they worked on wrapping up the referred children and began the vision and medical screening on the new to the school Infant I classes. Our goal is to have a baseline and medical screening for all children in either 2010 or 2011. Ginny and Clara continued vision tests, Kathy kept her running for students, Jean worked on the blog and then on the medical files, John floated and covered lots of jobs and made sure everyone was happy in their work and the Dr.s and Nurses screened students. Busy day!

Beth doing Infant I screening.

Lynn doing a blood pressure check on that tiny arm.

Joyce with Infant I student

Lynn doing check. Note the pharmacy. We were able to bring a good supply of meds with us due to a grant that Lynn wrote. Some will stay in the school, some to the polyclinic and some to Dr. Gonzalez, a private practitioner in town. Jim managed to get it all into the country without a customs fee. They let him pass. During this conversation, Bob was encouraging every else to move on past customs.

Meanwhile, Bob and Scott continued putting the hasps and locks on the storage cupboards in the Computer room. Bob got quite handy with the grinder to smooth out the points of the screws.
The sparks were flying--and where is your ear protection??

Not far away Miss Tasher (l), Assistant Principal and Miss Grace, Principal were sorting through the Team 2 donations for any prizes or giveaways for the Valentine Fair on Friday, for the big packet they give to the graduates in June and for special recognitions. They found a good pile and were most grateful for our donations.

Once Scott and Bob completed the locks they moved on to rail repairs. The wood used here is Sapadillo and it's hard as a rock. When they were drilling up and down to make a starter hole for a nail, the drill bit just unscrewed itself. Tough stuff!!

Got a lot done at school today. As jobs got completed folks headed back to Ruby's with various stops along the way. John joined Dr. Jim, Kim, Lynn and Beth on their home visits in San Mateo.

Beth holding a little one while Jim listens closely.

Hammocks work great for beds in limited space.

On the way into San Mateo, they ran into this stone artisan and his wife. He was cutting down slate with a machete and then with small tools carved wonderful turtles, crocodiles and flower pendants as well as beautiful Mayan God reliefs. The wife said that he does the designs and that both of them did the detail work with small hand tools.

We gathered at 6 for a short reflection and Evening Prayer time and then headed to Elvi's for dinner. Then a well earned night's sleep.

Thanks to you all for your continuing prayers and support by following our blog. You are in our daily prayers.

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I am glad to see you Guys are getting so much done!