Wednesday, February 9, 2011


BEAUTIFUL sunrise this morning! It's going to be another hot day on the porch, but have lots to get finished up. This is the last full day with all the classes so need to focus! Today we're going to pretty much do images.... Enjoy!


Walk to school

Dr. Jim and student

Lydia and Jonathan with Dr. Jim

Lynn with happy patient

Joyce checking those ears.

Dr. Peter and student

More eye checks

Talking to Mr. John while waiting to see the Dr.

Finishing up the first coat of paint in the sewing room.

Scott doing more post and rail repairs

Little ones lunch time - Beans and Rice with beef today.

Lydia (vol coordinator) in office

Dr. Jim, Lynn and Beth worked in the Polyclinic this morning. It's a Health Department Clinic for the San Pedro area.

When they finished up their work at the Clinic, they went through San Mateo on the way back to school and visited a few folks.

Jim's patients...note the Holy Cross School T-shirts and Crosses. Each student has a cross that goes with their uniform. They are supposed to wear it every day.

We got almost everything done today! We will have some one Infant I visions to complete and try to catch up with some of the kids who have been absent. Now it's just compiling the data and cleaning up the files before we go! We headed home and it was a dine where you please night so some folks went to the Mango Grill, others to the Jambel Jerk Pit and the meds went to the Reef. Great day!!

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