Saturday, February 5, 2011

Team 1 Reflections-Ted

In my mind, we came to Belize for a purpose: to help make Holy Cross, in a variety of ways, the best school it can be.

So, how about visualizing a very large rock-dirt pile, some 40 feet by 12 feet by 4 feet (high) . . . and then visualize that pile flattened, with the rocks (large and small) placed in a stone wall perimeter around an 1/8 of an acre of land.

That area exists in the back of the school bathrooms, next to a lagoon of clear, turquoise water.

Well, I was part of a few St Luke rock "movers-and-shakers" who spent some 3 days involved in making this resistant pile disappear--using picks, shovels, rakes, hands, wheel barrels, and of course a fair bit of determination.

And how, you ask, did this endeavor (which sounds like something one would do in a different type of institution), have anything to do with The Purpose?

Bottom line: we were helping to build a Water Garden that will be the final filter to affluent leaving the school bathrooms. Already there is a new system in place to "process" the waste, but the final step (Water Garden) will allow the school to reuse the treated water in some operations, and also allow for this "clean" water to enter the lagoon with no environmental degradation. Hey, isn't that really neat :0)

Of course I much enjoyed tutoring kids and working in classrooms. The kids are enthusiastic and full of spirit. No doubt they are getting a good start in their early education.

Ted Triebel

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