Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 4 - Thursday

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! This is the view just before the sun rose today. To the left are the Searious tour boats we sometimes take for our snorkel and Lamanai adventures. The big dive boat left at 5:00.
A lot of Frigate birds this year.

Nice sunrise.Our favorite palm tree by the steps.

We're off to work again. It's Thursday so we have Chapel today. They have three separate ones in the dining hall. The Infant I and II and Standard I classes were first.

Deacon Jan did the sermon today.

The altar with a beautiful cross.

This is one of the paintings on the wall that has particular interest to us. It was drawn by Duke students several years ago and if Adam looks familiar to you, you're's Mr. John...even down to the whisker pulling.

Lots going on around Holy Cross today. We got rain last night and the water garden truly turned into one-at least the water part. Pass on that today.
Visitors dropped by with goodies they had brought from the states. These ladies were two policewomen loaded with a couple of pumps for the soccer balls and lots of wonderful goodies.
Here are just some pictures of the activities for the day.
Sorting for Valentines Fair.
"Sparky" Hooker repairing security light.
John trying to complete the heights and weights for kids absent earlier in the week.
Our favorite kitchen ladies preparing snacks for the kids.
Our turn for snacks.
"Sparky" and Mr. Freddie reading the security light manual.
Geography lesson.
Ted team taught today. He taught Math half the class while the teacher taught Geography.

Meanwhile Mr. Bob and Jean worked on medical records and updating heights, weights and now BMIs (Body Mass Index). Busy day and lots accomplished.

On the way home the Hookers and Willards stopped for their laundry they had dropped off in the morning. We had our usual relax and shower time and then headed for Carambas for dinner. On the way we stopped off to see if Carvin' Marvin, one of our favorite local woodcarvers, had finished a product for Bob. He had some beautiful sea creatures and kitchen articles. Delightful fellow!
And, one of our favorite ways to end the our favorite ice cream shop. Handmade premium Ice Cream Custard...the rum raisin and double chocolate are to die for!
We headed back and had reflections and then headed to bed. Super day!

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