Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday - Valentine's Fair

Cloudy and cool this morning as we prepare for our last day at Holy Cross.Bob collecting clothing and shoe donations to take to school.Starfish sighting on the way to school.
Homemade Valentine Cupcakes for the Valentine's Fair

Evidence of Valentine's Day everywhere!
The calm before the chaos!

On the last day we always present the cooks with a small token of our appreciation.

Teachers and students began arriving soon after we did to set up for the big party. The Valentine's Fair is actually a fundraiser for Holy Cross. There are games, a party room for dancing, lots of food to purchase, face painting, tattoos and general milling around and visiting. Most of the games are $.25 BZ (12 cents US), but a lot of kids don't have the money so some adults were going around passing out coins to some of the kids so they could play the games too. All in all they made over $1000 US for the day, and the kids had a blast! Here are a few pictures of the craziness.

As you can see, some of our group participated in the fair as helpers, applying tattoos, doing face painting and general crowd control. But there was still work to be done for many of us. Before the Fair got rolling we had time to get some fun things going.

When we arrived at school on Monday morning, one of the girls came up to Peter and asked where the lady with the big camera was (Sandra). When he told her she didn't come this year there were tears. Well, Friday morning, that little girl, Peter and John managed to SKYPE with Sandra so the little girl did get to see her after all. It was so fun to watch her reaction!

Ah, the wonders of modern technology!

But not all is high tech around here! Things get used until they literally fall apart!

Joyce did some rechecks of blood sugar levels for some of the adults. Good news!

Scott and Bob finished up the second coat in the Sewing Room!

Jean finished up the last of the data entries for the medical records and Kathy joined her in getting the medical files reorganized and reports printed out. It was a busy, noisy day but lots of fun going on all around us while we finished up projects. Lynn, Jim and Beth spent much of the day in San Mateo finishing up baby visits. As most of us headed out, Scott and Bob were taking down the tents after a successful day!

We gathered for our last reflections and evening service before heading to the Blue Water Grill for dinner. It's been a marvelous week. Just before we left, Estrilla, the librarian from school who was pregnant last year, stopped by with her baby, Carlos.

After a wonderful dinner and lots of laughter, we headed back to Ruby's to find our stone artisans waiting for us as promised. After purchases we headed inside for a little talk, packing and then to bed.

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