Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Two at Holy Cross

Ah, the traffic going to work! Bicycles, golf carts, foot traffic, dogs. We occasionally even see what has made these tracks. It's going to be a really hot day today. Few clouds and a brilliant sun, but there is the wonderful breeze for those doing the work on the water garden.

The guys began the day out in the garden so they could get work done before it got too hot. There's absolutely no shade available out there so they worked for several hours until there were other tasks to be done. Good job guys! There is another gentleman that lives here that drops in and helps out also.

Heights and weights began today. We started with the iddy biddy ones in Infant I and finished five classes in the morning and four in the afternoon. We took the equipment (a scale and ruler) to the hall outside the classroom and had the teacher send the kids out two or three at a time in alpha order. Figuring out those names sometimes is tricky...they don't sound like they look!

Bob and Jim made a great team!

While they were taking measurements, Joanne and Jean were working on setting up and updating the medical records for the kids and beginning prep work for next weeks medical team. Jan was working on her Jesus is Baptized religion class for this afternoon and generally filling in on odd jobs they kept giving her in the office.

Lunchtime! Spaghetti, salad and garlic bread on the menu today. Yum as usual! The dentists from NC are here this week again so it's been fun getting reacquainted with them once again.

The afternoon brought more heights and weights, this time with Joanne and John doing the measuring while Bob, Ted and Jim headed to the library and porch to do some math tutoring.

Bob and his girls.

Ted with a one on one in multiplication.

Jim doing examples.

Meanwhile, Jean and Joanne kept working on those files and Jan taught her classes. Busy afternoon. Once the kids left the guys gathered in the garden shade (it finally gets there mid afternoon, but not the area they work) and got the full story on how the water garden will work. After everyone finished up their tasks for the day we headed back to Ruby to get cleaned up and have a little liquid refreshment.

As we were gathering together to go to dinner three folks came upstairs with two bicycles and some sidesaddles for the bikes. It turned out one of the guys was just being a gracious soul helping them out but the couple were really interesting. They were from Vancouver and had begun their cycling trip in White Horse in Yukon territory, come down the Alaska Highway and then down the US west coast, took three months going through Mexico and had taken a boat from Chetumal on the Yucatan to here. They'll stay here for a few days and then maybe Caye Caulker and through Belize city and then west to Guatemala. They are heading for Patagonia, Argentina and as far south as you can go in South America. Will be interesting to hear more of this story!
Jason and Julie - the bikers.

Then as we headed downstairs we ran into Lionel and his sister, Brittany. He looked so grown up! He's doing well in high school and says the math there is easier than at Holy Cross. His toughest subject is Social Studies, which we had heard from other kids going there. Brittany was collecting for the Holy Cross Girls Football (soccer) Team so of course we pulled out our wallets. Speaking of girls football, the high school team won their Regional Competition and will be heading west of San Agnacio for the National Competition soon! Several of our Holy Cross girls are on the team including Jan's Isolene.

A quiet night at Calient's for dinner and then home for some reflection time and our now seemingly set bedtime of one side or the other of 9 pm. Another great day at Holy Cross!

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