Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday-Big Birthday Day!

Ah, not such a splashy sunrise this morning, but this beautiful oriole (Altamira oriole) came to visit us and sing Miss Clara a Happy Birthday song instead!
Then off for our walk along the beach to school. Today the Standard IV, V and VI teachers had teacher workshops so no school for those classes today. We've got the last of the vision and physicals for Infant I and then a few students who have been absent to pick up. Should be a nice morning! The students also have Chapel this morning so hopefully a few of us can attend that.

Standard II-III Chapel

Lots going on around school besides Vision and Physicals! Bob, Scott, John and Mr. Jason did a fine job on the second coat in the sewing room.


Mr. Jason..all around jack of all trades and assistant to Mr. Freddy.

The cooks cutting up the chickens for tomorrow's barbecue at the Valentine's Fair.

Jean still crunching those numbers for Heights & Weights.

All the while Peter, Joyce, Clara and Ginny were wrapping up the physicals and vision tests for the little ones and Kathy was turning chaos into organization in the library. The poor snack lady was all over looking for us!

Hot dogs for lunch today - for little and big folks.

Guess who doesn't like hot dogs...the great kitchen crew provided PB&J for Ginny!
and a Birthday Day Cake for Clara from the kitchen staff. Mr. Freddy also has a birthday today! Miss Rosalea (r) is Freddy's wife and in charge of the feeding program. She does a wonderful job on a very tight budget to provide delicious and nutritions food for the students.

Our work continued after lunch. The meds saw teachers and the kitchen staff for their physicals this afternoon.

and the guys began putting up the tents for the Valentine's Fair tomorrow.

Helps to have a short featherweight around sometimes.

and Joyce joined in the drumming club after school.

Meanwhile, Jim, Lynn and Beth spent the morning at Dr. Gonzalez's Office. He's an OB/GYN on the Island and also handles general medical issues too. A different experience yet again.
Sorting through meds we brought down.

Dr. Daniel Gonzalez with patient while Jim looks on.

We all headed home, had showers and met at 5:30 for Compline. Lionel and Brittany stopped by to drop off some jewelry they had made and we got to celebrate his birthday also

Clara's in good birthday company!

Had some very unusual sky activity just as we completed our reflections.

We then headed to Caliente for the famous Chicken Drop. They've moved it to Thursday night so it doesn't conflict with the Wed. night service at the Adventist Church. We have a few newbies along so figured they needed to be initiated. We had deck seating so it was great.

We had great dinner conversation sharing stories of our day while we waited for our dinner and Chicken Drop #1.

There was a great band for entertainment...

and before we knew it, it was time for Chicken Drop #1.

The chicken is in hand...

the anticipation builds....

and the winner is #32!

You have to be there.... Somehow a dog got involved in the first drop....ask a team member for details. It's one of those things you should do once...

And how did they know it was Clara's birthday???

All in one blow!

While we enjoyed our wonderful rum cake we watched Coconut Man climb up the tree to get coconuts
and then some headed for ice cream and others headed back for some star gazing on the deck, lots of laughter and then a good night's sleep.

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Lydia said...

Hi St Lukes

It was so wonderful meeting the teams you sent down, and seeing the great work done. Thank you so much for the doctors and nurses - I think for some it's the only doc they see each year. Thank you also very much for the medical and school supplies - these are being put to good use already.

Look forward to seeing you all next year.

Lydia (volunteer coordinator)