Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another busy day....

Wednesday night found most of the team watching the Duke - UNC game. Barbara and Wilbur were the lone -- but very happy -- Carolina fans. It was a friendly rivalry with lots of cheers and laughing. Some of the group just went home happier than others did.

The final day of our medical screenings was a busy one. Dr. Peter, Dr. Jim and Nurse Joyce began the day at the Polyclinic seeing both well and sick babies. They joined the rest of the team at the school for more screening. Joanne took the height and weight of 3 more classes of children; Barbara and Clara did even more vision checks today with a few new referrals. Deacon Jan conducted 2 Chapel services and assisted the older students with their service. How wonderful to hear the children singing and praying together. As Sandra continued to videotape as many aspects of Holy Cross life as possible, she had a private tour of San Mateo. Wilbur worked with Jason on the shelves for the computer lab, and they are almost finished. There will be even more great storage when these shelves are finished.

We had more time with individual children today, meeting new friends, renewing old friendships in a day filled with hugs and bright smiles. Students worked today on preparations for their booths at the Valentine's Festival, including Standard VI's traditional cupcake sale. The festival will include health screenings for adults and will give us a new view of the school and community.

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