Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things Coming Together

Today seemed much less hectic. Anne conducted 3 chapel services for the students; one of the pictures shows Anne presenting "treasure" to match our time and talents to Francis and Miss Grace after chapel for the older children. The children at chapel were receptive, the music wonderful and the "sermon" short and sweet. Its a tradition in Belize to recognize those with birthdays at services, so this week's included Terrie Blaylock and Vernon (of Francis-and-Vernon fame). We will be going out shortly for a nice dinner in honor of Terrie's 54th.

Much progress was made on the library; it will be quite an impressive resource for the students. Bob and Wayne made great headway on the school's computerized record keeping. The "hewers of wood" (a phrase from the Belizian national anthem) finished up the new railing on the walkway leading to the library that will be used by the kids lining up to visit the medical team next week and began work on a temporary shed to shelter a workspace to be used to construct new shelves and cabinets for the computer room.

After breakfast, Vernon took several of the team on a visit through San Mateo, the neighborhood where many of the students live; it is an eye-opening and heart-rending walk. Those who have managed to spend some time with the children, whether reading, tending to bumps and bruises, or just joking around before or after school are always warmed by the experience.

Looking forward to greeting Team 2 tomorrow.

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