Friday, February 13, 2009

Team Two prepares to leave

Team 2 closed out a great week at Holy Cross with the Valentine's festival today. There were games, food, music and lots of children. After our final delicious lunch prepared by Ms. Rosalea and her crew, we said our farewells and headed back to Ruby's. Some folks shopped;others napped. We soaked in the last of the tropical sun. Dinner was at the Sunset Grill -- a lovely way to end a great week. We will catch the morning water taxi after breakfast to begin the journey back to Durham, to family and homes. We are so thankful to John and Jean for all the pre-trip organization, to Terrie and Debbie for the preparations that made our medical screenings smooth, to Peter for being the Team 2 leader, and to each member of this team for working together, playing together and praying together. Thank you too to everyone at St. Luke's and beyond who came with us in spirit. We are already talking about our next trip to San Pedro and Holy Cross.

Farewell from San Pedro ..... and Ruby's.

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