Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Top Priorities and Chicken Drops

Team One continued several activities at the school, from reading with individual students, to cataloging in the library, to hammers and nails and fetching of large, heavy wooden pallets from a nearby construction site (apparently in return for hauling bags of cement to the construction site), to varnishing chairs, to working feverishly to prepare for the medical team, to continuing to sort out several, unrelated databases of student information (see picture of Mr. Bob working with the school's computer teacher). Plus another career hour presentation. Plus ... well, you get the idea. This has led to some back and forth about what is the top-most of the top priorities. We are stressing prep for the medical team, but there are certainly a lot of things that need doing and we are trying to balance task-oriented stuff with some time with the students as well.

After a full day (but thankfully, another relatively cool one for Belize), we made the traditional Wednesday night foray to Caliente and its famous Chicken Drop (google it if you want; I'm not going into the details here). Suffice to say that, with the full consent of both her mom and rector, Maggie Young was one of the chicken handlers (see visual proof). Perhaps a future EYC fund-raiser?

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marie said...

Oh my, I did search the chicken drop tradition and have a very personal story to share. All fun of course. Hope you used some of that hand sanitizer! We're packed and ready and hope to meet the high standards you have set.