Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Screenings Today

     We did even more screenings today. We have seen all the children in 9 classes along with more sick or hurt children.  Then we saw children of teachers and the teachers themselves.  Jim has gone to San Mateo again today to make home visits for mothers and babies.  As we worked with the older children, we reconnected today with more who we have met on past trips. The smiles when they recognize our faces or remember our names are so wonderful.
     Our doctors will be at the Polyclinic tomorrow so our screenings will take on a different flavor. It promises to be another day of adventure at Holy Cross!
     At Clara's birthday dinner celebration last night at Wild Mangos, we were treated to a visit from Terrie and Van.  They are enjoying their vacation but wanted to get the scoop on the school.
     No pictues tonight and a short post since we'll have an early dinner so that we can watch the Duke/Carolina game.  We have a big screen TV reserved on the condition that we buy plenty of Belikin.  No problem, mon.  It will be interesting as we are a "mixed" group.  

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