Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday in San Pedro

We began our day with Morning Prayer in the "chapel" on the deck at Ruby's. Pictured are the members of Team 2 during the coffee hour following our worship service. We moved on to a delicious breakfast, and then huddled to plan strategy and logisitics for our screenings at Holy Cross. After lunch most of the group walked or taxied to Holy Cross for a tour of the school and an orientation from Francis.
For those of us who last saw the computer lab/library building as pilings and a few floor joists, seeing the finished rooms was an exciting experience. There were gasps and a few tears as we walked in to this incredible facility built my many loving hands. There will be one of the regular dental clinic at the school, and the dentist we met today is from Cape Carteret, NC and the same church as the Larsons!
We know our week will be busy and filled with challenges -- some we have anticipated, others that will pop up each day -- but we think we are ready. We so appreciate all the work that Team 1 did to pave the way for us this week. We'll do our best to make you proud.
The weather is amazing -- there was a rain shower last night but yesterday and today have been lovely. It's cooler than some of us are used to in San Pedro, and that is a welcomed gift. Our day begins early tomorrow when Mr. Victor brings his taxi to collect our bags of shoes and supplies. We'll be thinking of everyone back home as we begin the adventure that God has planned for us tomorrow at Holy Cross.

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Peggy said...

Happy first day team 2! Hope you are having fun and feeling productive. Wasn't that computer lab impressive? And how about the library??