Friday, February 6, 2009

Team One Winds Up Work; Team Next Arrives

Team One made its last trip to Holy Cross this morning, managing to stop at the bakery on the way to console ourselves with fresh-from-the-oven sweetness.

We finished with a burst of building, measuring, cataloging and preparing. Plus Rector Anne walked the narrow, over-the-lagoon boards of the San Mateo neighborhood to bless a house and visit with a family.

The library is well-along to accepting its first students able to check out a book. A new table has been constructed and painted on the porch next to Resurrection Hall. And numerous children have been measured and weighed (see picture of Nurse Terrie and Debbie. Terrie: "here's ANOTHER one who is shorter than me; hooray!). All accomplished while dodging rain showers that seemed to sweep through every 15 minutes, only to be replaced by sunshine, before the cycle repeated.

When Team Two arrived, all 22 of us sat down to a feast at Elvi's (note to Willard's: all within spending limits!)

And now the blog transfers from John to Jan. You will rapidly be able to tell which one was educated as an engineer and which one is an English teacher.

Team Two has arrived safely in San Pedro. We were surprised by rain in Belize City, but are already enjoying unusualy cool weather. Team One greeted and welcomed us; we had a great dinner together. Our very early morning -- most of us were up by 3:00 am -- is taking its toll. We will turn in early and then get our orientation from Team One tomorrow. We are anxious to get to work on all the tasks they have planned for us.

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