Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Medical Screenings

Team 2 has been very busy Monday and Tuesday with our medical screenings. We have seen all the children from Infant 1, Standard VI and are partially finished with Infant 2. There have also been numerous children with ear infections, cuts, asthma, fever, skin problems and a broken arm. They have been treated by Dr. Peter and Dr. Jim or sent to the Polyclinic. Joyce, Clara and Barbara staffed the vision screening stations, and Joanne was the registrar par excellence. After school today, the teachers were screened for blood pressure and diabetes as well as having an opportunity to ask Dr. Peter questions. Marie will be teaching the health class later in the week for the girls in Standard VI. And, many pairs of feet went home today in new shoes. Everyone who left the porch and the screening left with a smile. We will start again tomorrow right after breakfast. Team 1, we think you would be proud of us.

In addition to the medical work, new team members took a tour of San Mateo with Francis this morning before she left for a fundr raising tour of the US. Vernon, too, has gone stateside for a few days. We will miss them but are glad we could spend a little time with them and hearing the vision for Holy Cross. Sandra has been working of a new video for the school, and you can see her filming as Francis gave the background before the tour. Sandra has been in and out of the classrooms and documenting all phases of school life. We are hoping she'll invite us to sit at her table at the Emmies.

Clara celebrated her 80th birthday in true Belizen style today with much singing, cards made by the children and a special cake at lunch today. Tonight we will continue the team's celebration of this big day for her.

We love the messages and emails from NC and all around. Keep in touch while we are gone and know that we miss you and love you.

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rbatwell said...

No question about it, Team Next is making not only Team 1 proud, but all of us back stateside. I'm excited to hear the full update when you get back.

Bob Atwell