Thursday, February 11, 2010

Almost got it all done!

Crazy busy day today! Got alot done! Between Chapels and Computer and Library Schedules, we didn't get all of the vision tests done, but the Duke kids will finish the couple of classes in March! Saw lots of kids though! Destiny came to visit today for Dr. Jim to do a recheck on her after his treatment yesterday. The boys from Minnesota finished cleaning and painted the wall behind the library.
The drumming club met after school. They're getting pretty good! It's a program Miss Kim started before she left. It's a great behavior motivator! Check out the short video at the bottom of this entry.
Jim H wired the pantry on the porch behind the kitchen. Bob and others worked on enclosing it so probably work on shelves tomorrow.
Lionel came to visit with his jewelry and several of us bought some. He does such a nice job and is such a great kid, it's hard not to support him. Had a pick your choice dinner tonight and many ended up at the Wild Mango! Peter's trivia game was quite a hit. Ask him about it when you see him. All in all a very successful day! Tomorrow is the Valentine's Fair so should be a CRAZY day! Jean and crew will be working hard to finish data entry and filing for the medical records, some of the guys will paint walls and Peter, Marie, Jan, Joyce will be painting faces :-)

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