Thursday, February 4, 2010

If it's Thursday, it must be more tutoring and building

Team-O Primo has settled into our routine: measuring and weighing the children, measuring and cutting the wood, measuring and sugar-coating our words (well, OK, not the last one). Tomorrow is a teacher work-day (they do them everywhere), so we need to finish up all the children-related activities. Thursday is also chapel, and if we have figured out how to work the "Flip" correctly, this blog should include a short video clip of the younger children in chapel.

Wednesday was a busy day, with great progress made on the children's medical record spreadsheets and updating them with this year's heights and weights.

Dirt is now apparently, well, dirt-cheap, so truck-loads of it have been showing up. Regrettably, there are plenty of shovels, so instead of a couple of workers and many supervisors, all of the dues-paying members of the Society of Strong Backs and Weak Minds have been able to reclaim some more swamp for the school.

After many design consultations, the maintenance walkway on the back side of the school was 90% completed and Wayne and Craig began applying the decking (drill hole, pound nail, drill hole, pound nail).

Holly continued to work with the dental team; she is amazed by the courage of the children, some of whom have extensive work done. Jan Lamb and Amy Duggins took the water taxi to Belize City to meet with the Bishop, Jan to report on her work and Amy to prepare the way for the St. Lukes youth group that arrives in June.

Since it was Wednesday, and we are Episcopalians steeped in ritual, we made the annual trek to Caliente for the Chicken Drop. No St. Lukers chose to play a starring role in the production this year, as Maggie Young did last year, but a raucous time was had by all. So far, our health has been generally good with only Mr. Bob suffering some ill effects one day (his new motto: No Lobster for the Bobster!).

The children continue to delight. I'll try to post some pictures in subsequent posts.

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