Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can It Get Any Hotter or More Humid???

THE 2009 RECORDS HAVE BEEN FOUND! Kim found them when she went digging..in the top draw of the desk in the office! Hurray! And even better news is that the Holy Cross soccer team beat St. Peters 5-0! See the comment for more details!

The wind yesterday blew every ounce of breeze out of here and it was still, humid and HOT from the beginning of the day! The medical team got going early and we saw alot of kids today. Had four eye stations going so most everyone did eyes at some point! Got almost all the heights and weights finished up and lots of screenings. Bob and Jim have the deck surface completed - HOT! and John cleaned the mildew off the back wall of the library-ugh! Ron worked on smoothing new door pulls and everyone else was pretty out straight baking on the porch with kids!

Soccer game today at 2:00. Bob, Ron and Kathy headed down about 1:50 to be our contingent. The 6th graders were selling raffle tickets for free cupcakes at the Valentine's Fair on Friday as well as for soccer jersey's so they're learning the art of fundraising early!

Despite the heat we got alot done! Looking forward to a cooler day tomorrow!

The internet has been running very slow to non-existant for the last couple of days. Pictures tomorrow, if it's better. Right now it would take ages to put them up!

All is well in Belize! Elvi's for dinner tonight!

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rbatwell said...

Soccer Game Update!!!

Holy Cross beats St. Peters 5-0. Juan Carlos, Scored one goal, Chico had a pair and there was one own-goal by the other team. Sorry, but I lost track of the name of the final goal scorer. We'll try to get a photo of the victorious Team up asap.