Monday, February 8, 2010

What a great day of work!!

Today was an awesome day of work! We were almost blown to school today! It stayed cloudy for a good part of the day and the breeze kept up so it was a great day to work! The medical team got the clinic running and had kids in there by about 10:30. Joanne is working the check in desk, Pam is the runner to get the kids, Clara and Ginny and Kathy and various others did vision screenings, Nurse Joyce, Dr. Peter and Dr. Jim did Medical evaluations, Marie treated acute cases, Jean unpacked all the suitcases and worked on the medical records and everyone kicked in as needed. The construction crew of Bob and Jim continued work on the deck built last week-- now they're adding a railing. Ron and John moved sand to create new land next to the computer room--ALOT of SAND! The sun came out in the afternoon so it got hot. Headed home about 3 as the kids were long gone and everyone was pretty tired. Met at 6 and headed to the Jerk Pit for dinner. Great start!!

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