Saturday, February 13, 2010

Home Again.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early, grabbed some food from the little Ruby's shop and headed for the 8:00 water taxi. The sun was out for one more beautiful day as we headed for the airport. Philip was at the dock to meet us and took us to the Cathedral so the "newbies" could see it. Fortunately, the cleaning crew was there polishing the wood so it was open. After a brief stop we headed to the airport and home. The trip back was uneventful and we arrived safely at about 10:45 pm.

It was a very successful trip. Being able to break Jan in a little was a real plus for us! While we had alot of fun, we also got alot accomplished. New construction, new land created, new books cataloged in the library and hours of tutoring one on one combined with a huge effort medically that saw heights and weights done on almost 500 students, vision tests on almost 300, medical screenings on over 200 and acute care on many dozens of students, teachers, staff and outside community folks. Special thanks to Marie for a great coordinating job to make all that medical stuff happen! We completed data entry and reorganized the medical records for the whole school. But the best part was the time and love we were able to share with those wonderful kids and each other. That, plus just a whole lot of fun, good food and drink, wonderful reflections with stories and happenings of the day and sunrise on the deck at Ruby's will bring us back next year for more!

Our thanks to all of you who bought those Beans and Rice dinners, purchased poinsettias, gave generous donations of money and supplies and said prayers for us while we were there. We were able to deliver over 1200 pounds of school and medical supplies through your gifts!

Reservations are made for 2011....maybe next year will be the year YOU are in our pictures!

Watch for one more blog with a selection of favorite pictures from team members. Meanwhile, keep up with what's happening in Belize by visitiing Deacon Jan's blog at

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