Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Photos from Belize

This will be a short post, with some pictures. In no particular order, you see:

1. Holly Hodges on the wooden boards where she leads children to the dental office. New meaning to "walk the plank."

2. Randy painting poles that are used to mark the school's boundary, while balancing on joists. Fortunately we do not have to take them into the swamp in the canoe and sink them to bedrock.

3. David standing by his welding success, which he has termed "The Gates of Hell" due to the difficulty involved. Although perhaps less artistic than Rodin's sculpture of the same name, based on what the Pentacostal preachers here in Belize say, David's gates are more successful at keeping people out.

4. Hope and Craig walking hand-in-hand to work in the morning and, in the distance, John and Jean doing likewise. The couple that slaves together, stays together. No one else would let me photograph them holding hands as, technically, they are not here with their spouses.

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