Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Fair!

Team 2 took our Team picture in the quiet before the Valentine's Fair started in full force! What a crazy day! It was really fun though and they were raking in the dough for Holy Cross! Each teacher had a booth of somekind where they sold things to the students as well as community members who came to visit. Lots of games, food and music! Chaos reigned!
This was the Valentine's bulletin board on the porch. The older classes were given hearts and asked to complete the sentence "I like Holy Cross because....." There were some wonderful, heartwarming answers.
This table by Miss Laura and Standard V was the one that sold out first. Each of those little gold and silver packages contained a surprise. They went like hotcakes.
Peter, Sandra, Joyce, Marie and Pam had a great time face painting all morning. There were dragons, rainbows, snakes, hearts, dolphins (was that really a dolphin??) and other creatures wandering the arms and faces of the happy kids!

A local tour guide came to give the children a ride in the bicycle rickshaw. The kids loved it.

While everyone else was having fun, the sand men were still creating new land......
the painters were finishing the exterior of the classroom using the newly completed catwalk

and others were painting the interior of the just constructed pantry! The data entry folks were working hard to get the last of the information onto the spreadsheet and the files neatly organized and in the file cabinet. The chaos ended at noon and we had a quiet lunch and began to wrap things up. We headed home at various time during the afternoon, some with a stop of Deacon Jan's on the way back to Ruby's. We had our final Reflections on the deck as the sun was disappearing and then headed to the Sunset Grill for dinner. What a great week!

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