Friday, February 5, 2010

Week One nears an end

Today is the last day of work at the School for Week One. It is also the hottest day we have had. Since the children are away, we've done some painting in the "lunch porch" along with some outside painting. Our maintenance deck over the swamp continues to grow; we returned this morning to find the pros had extended the framing around the side of the building and were headed around another corner. We are suspicious that the old "bait and switch" is being used to have us build the Holy Cross Fishing Pier. Craig and Wayne extended the decking as far as prudence would allow, plus 3 additional boards. Fortunately, we heard no splahes.

Holly, wielding the circular saw, and David did various repairs around the school. Jean and Hope have been continuing to work on the student records in the library. We are confident that we will have done all that we can in advance of the Medical Team.

Holy Cross' soccer team plays the catholic school this afternoon at 3 and we plan to knock off early to watch the rivalry and cheer as only St. Luke's Mission Team members with a Bit o' Belikin in the belly can ("We don't care if you have the Pope, when you play Holy Cross, you've got no hope"). The internet is having a little trouble uploading pictures right now, but if I get a chance later, I'll post some pictures of the team at work, a picture of one of the students who walked hand in hand with Van to school one day has been added to a previous post.

We are looking forward to the arrival of the Week 2 Crew; from among their ranks will come the next blogger.

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