Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to You!

Birthday's galore today! We started the day out with a Birthday Bun for Mr. Freddy, the Facilities Manager (Chief Construction Officer!) that we've worked with every since we came to Holy Cross. Then the cooks made a cake for Clara for lunch and then we again celebrated her birthday with a cake and singing at the Chicken Drop at Caliente's. Great fun!

Joanne had the little ones enthralled with a story before school started. Began with one and had a crowd before long.

The sand men kept up their good work creating new land by the computer room. This space will be used for a vocational training center for carpentry--ever expanding!
We ran four eye stations today as well as the Dr./Nurse screenings--even the construction guys got involved! Got through all of the little Infant I kids. They had never had eye screenings before so it was a slow process, but fun.
The catwalk deck is completed and Jim Hooker is working on the railings. There is a group of dentists and spouses here from Minnesota. One of the spouses is Alan, a really great guy. He has been working with the construction guys. He's a farmer and runs a landscape business. He's taken a great interest in the septic system they are considering installing and spent alot of time studying it yesterday. He'll be a wonderful consultant as he's installed other very similar systems. Another of God's blessings for Holy Cross! He and John have been working together cleaning and painting the wall behind the the swamp. Interesting scaffolding but can't get to a place to take a picture without my hip boots!

Dr. Jim went with Sandra and Kim into town to visit some folks. They took some short videos. We're going to try to install some of them so keep checking back. They show some of the reality these Holy Cross students are living in!

All in all it was a VERY productive day and great night at the Chicken Drop. We ate on the lower deck this time and found it much better! Nice breeze, great company, and another great rum cake with a candle!

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