Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday at Holy Cross

A beautiful beginning to our work week~
and we are ready to's 7:00 and time to head out.

It's been raining a lot...puddles everywhere.

We arrived and breakfast was ready to go.

After breakfast Lydia, the volunteer coordinator for Holy Cross came to give us an orientation. She started with a brief talk and two videos-one done by our very own Sandra Jacobi about the history and people involved in Holy Cross. After our talk we headed for a tour of San Mateo, the housing area where many Holy Cross students live.

The London Bridges (walkways) are still evident...
and water everywhere...
but things are changing...because of the road.

Several years ago Kim Shakelford, a Professor in Social Work at Old Miss, brought students down to visit. They went into San Mateo and learned about the social issues present there. They got tremendously motivated and felt they needed to do more. They organized a community meeting and invited the residents to come. A good number came to the meeting and they discussed what was needed to improve the community. From that initial meeting the group has organized in the San Mateo Empowerment Committee and last year worked together to begin a road into San Mateo which eventually will allow electricity, sewer, and water to come into the community. It has been a great success. Once their road was started, the community finally got their act together and began a road that would meet the SMEC road. It's given hope to the community and improvements have been made in the housing and other areas.
But the conditions haven't stopped happy children!
This is Lionel's families new house.
This guy is employed by the Empowerment Committee
to bring sand from across the lagoon for road construction. They meet each Sunday to build.

We headed back down the road to Holy Cross and started our workday.
Clara, Joyce, Holly and Linda started the heights and weights.
The new preschoolers weren't real sure about taking their shoes off and participating.
New playground beginning...great swingsets.
Sand....needed to be moved in preparation for climbing toys.

but Mr. Freddy has a new dump truck...
saved a lot of work....
until it got stuck in the mud....
good ole Doug saved the day--nice gentle tap on the gas works every time.
This is the new water garden for the sewage system.
Lunchtime for the older students.
Then it's our turn...spaghetti.
After lunch time for tutoring...Anna did reading today.
Denise worked on math

and Doug had a great first time tutoring experience with two Math students...unfortunately no picture. Good day of work for all.

There are changes around Holy Cross. This drawing of Mr. John is now on the wall outside the computer room and the dining room and porch are all in the same area.

Lots of great distractions around here.
A little rest before heading back to Ruby's.
After showers we gather for Evening Prayer and Reflections.
Lionel and Tiffany joined us for Evening Prayer and a little jewelry business.

It was a wonderful start to our week.

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