Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday at Holy Cross

We've got one beautiful beginning to our Tuesday!
and one yummy breakfast at Holy Cross to get us going!

After breakfast we headed our separate ways to do our various jobs for the day. There was a good variety of things to do so many of us did lots of things!

Linda did heights...
Clara manned the scale for weights
and Joyce did the recording. Great team!!
Jan, Denise, and Joanne unpacked the bags with all the goodies. Miss Grace, Holy Cross Principal and Jan go through the new books we brought down in those suitcases.

Camille did observations in the classroom in preparation for the
teaching workshop she and Jan are doing on Wednesday.
Joanne had a wonderful backpack bag pattern that she taught the ladies in the Sewing Group.
They looked great with the new Disney fabric we brought down.
It's amazing how much fun you can have with one square foot of Lightening McQueen fabric!! This is one of the sons of the Sewing Group ladies and he was having a grand time!
Meanwhile in the computer room, Mr. Bob and Jean
worked on the height and weight data sheets.

For the outside folks there was painting...
Anna jumped on that with great enthusiasm...
and Wayne too!
Doug worked on roof repairs...
along with Robert...some tricky ladder work!
Denise was a jack of all trades sealing leaks in the morning....
and sealing teeth in the afternoon with the dentists from NC.
And Miss Jan got to put on her Deacon hat
when she got to talk to this guy about night sightings.

After a really good day of work we headed back to Ruby's with various stops here and there. We had reflections and then it was an "on your own" dinner night so most headed to Wild Mangoes next door and managed to get in...had the fastest service ever. One really good day!


Gretchen said...

Sunny and warm in Belize. Snowy and cold in Blacksburg. Keep the updates coming. I'm getting warm vicariously :) ~Gretchen

Joe said...

Thanks for the posts. You are in our prayers. In my sermon Sunday I referenced our Presiding Bishop Katharine who has said we are to be "roadies for the reign of God." I also mentioned our Belize team as examples of being on the move with God's grace. Go roadies! -Joe