Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Sunday Visit to the Manatees

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and our last day to relax before work. We're heading different directions today. Jan, Joanne, Wayne and Holly are staying around San Pedro and relaxing and the rest of us are heading to see the Manatees and do some snorkeling.
And we're off...
Had some dolphins escort us for a while.
through the mangrove islands...
We stopped for firewood along the way...
The guard who took our National Park Fee..

We cut our engine and began poling our way to the
shore, watching for Manatee along the way.

There he is....
He's coming up again...

After watching for a long time, we headed for a snorkel sight...

Meanwhile, our guide prepped the Chicken for lunch.
Great corals and fish under here!
Prepping the rum punch.
After everyone got back on board we headed for
our lunch spot...the water was beautiful!
As were the clouds!
Here we are...Gotoy Island.
It was wonderful...white sandy beaches.
Nice warm water to relax in...
and a delish lunch - chicken (where are the potatoes!!)

After a delight couple of hours relaxing we headed back to the boat. We declined the offer of another snorkel stop and stopped instead for a brief visit to Caye of our first Mission Trip to Belize. They dropped us off at a dock about half way through town.
It hasn't changed much...same sand streets...

John and Jean headed for the Sandbox and got a quick order of Conch Fritters in honor of all those who have experienced those wonderful treats.
and picked everyone up at the Spit. It's
one happening place anymore. The
guys really enjoyed the view!!

We headed home, had showers and met to talk about how everyone spent their day...mostly relaxing and reading. Had a service and then headed our different ways...on your own for dinner since it was SuperBowl Sunday. A great day for all!

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