Friday, February 24, 2012

Snapshots of San Mateo and San Pedro

Greetings from San Mateo, the neighborhood that many of the students at Holy Cross reside in. As we took our tour through this neighborhood, we were greeted by two small girls. Following are snapshots of San Mateo, Holy Cross and the greater San Pedro area.
The new road hasn't reached everyone...still plank walkways to many homes.

The lagoon side of the island.
Sandra renewing friendship with girls she worked with 6 years ago.
Drs heading for home visits in San Mateo
Destiny's House
Destiny at school for meds and treatment.
San Mateo resident after reconstructive surgery on her ear.
The San Mateo road
The day begins at Holy Cross.Lydia Brown, Volunteer Coordinator at Holy Cross
Dr. Jim and friends.
The wonderful kitchen staff--great cooks!!

Jocelyn who is deaf plays with the resident dog.
Football practice.
The Women's Sewing Group learning sewing techniques
from Leonardo, a local tailor volunteering his time to
help this fledgling small business of Holy Cross mothers.
Girls talking after school.
New solar panels on Computer Room roof.
The downtown PolyClinic where Jim, Peter
Paul worked part of the week.
English Medical Students working at
PolyClinic. They did a morning in San
Mateo...a real eye opener for them.
The newly paved road and old bridge to school.
Elections signs everywhere and frequent rallies and parades.
Cleaning the catch from the fishing adventures.
Any kind of water sport available.
Parasailing too.
Joyce hit it right off with Ashley who is 3. She sells jewelry with her Mom and Dad on the beach by Ruby's.
Our thanks to Sandra Jacobi, Jim Short, Scott
Chapman and Jean Willard for sharing their pictures.

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