Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday 2

The predawn hours on Ruby's deck are magical...
and this morning's sunrise was the best yet...
It was a great start to the Holy Cross week!
The puddles from Sat. rain still with us.
A missplaced wooly worm?
The newly paved Middle Street...sidewalks and all!
(must be an election year - March 6th).

After breakfast we began the setup on the porch. Today we did initial physicals on the preschool students and saw teacher referred students on the porch.
Initial setup on the porch for the docs.
We set up the PreSchool work station right outside the classroom.
NP Virginia and Dr. Paul staffed that one with Kathy's assistance.
You could tell Dr. Paul has had years of experience with little ones!
You can't help but hug them!
Peter worked on the deck...his patience and willingness
to take time to talk bringing out lots of issues.
Always a few emergencies--a splinter.
Dr. Jim
Destiny appeared. She'll return each day for her
meds and treatment.
Destiny's little brother is in the Preschool class and was crying. When Dr. Paul checked him out he found he had a broken arm. The parents were called and put in a taxi to go to the Polyclinic. We'll check out results in the morning.

Ginny and Clara worked on heights and weights for the students that were absent last week. And Sandra worked in one of the classrooms.
And one of the residents on the island is helping Joselyn with her signing. She's also helping her in class and giving the teacher some pointers for working withdeaf students.
Meanwhile, the guys were working on removing screws on the old roofing in preparation for the new zinc sheets to arrive this afternoon (believe it when you see it!).
Jean continued with blogging, data entry and medical records and John did his best to keep everybody busy and happy.

It was a good first day with preschool kids completed and a good number of referred kids seen. We headed home with a nice breeze in the air.
There is a house just as you are going out the gate of the school. These birds were having a grand time in all the water...hopefully fresh rainwater. There is a lot of beauty in San Mateo if you stop to look for it! It was a very interesting reflection time this evening as all compared notes for the first day at school.
Elvi's for dinner where the Maya Fish was the favorite. It's steamed in banana leaves and really good!

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