Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday - pictures

I happened to catch just the right moment this morning! It was really a great sunrise for Team 1's last day at Holy Cross. Team 2 is on it's way down as we speak.
Good conversation over coffee.
The taxi team heads to school.

The birthday kids today--
Clara and Mr. Freddy.
Lots of cupcakes ready for the Valentine's Fair!
It has become a tradition to leave a "tip"
for our wonderful cooks at Holy Cross.

So hard to choose!

Valentine Fair.....what an adventure!!
Lots of cool stuff to is a fundraiser!
Soda for sale....
Games led by Mr. Coba,
Standard VI Teacher.
Clara, Denise, Linda and Joyce did tattoos
supplied by St. Luke's
Holly and Anna had a great beanbag game going!
First-time use of the swing sets!
Dance time...

The Fair is a community effort...and the community
really turned out to support it.
One of the drum team came along to play too.

Anna's fan club.
Birthday Cake #1 for Clara. The kitchen
ladies love her dearly!

It wasn't all fun though.....
Walkway repairs got done...
thanks to Robert!
Wayne and Doug did the finishing touches
on the drawers.
Installation time!
Happy ladies!
Lots of number crunching getting ready for
the medical folks next week!

The Fair was pretty much over shortly after noon. By the time we had lunch it was quiet. No students and work that could wait and one hot day sent us all home early after a wonderful week. Just before we left Miss Grace said they had raised $2500 BZ with more coming in so it was a great day!
A friend to walk with to the bridge....

Meanwhile, Team 2 had arrived in Belize and had some issues with customs but still made it to the 4:30 water taxi....after a wild ride through Belize City. They arrived safely in San Pedro and shortly after we headed back to the Blue Water Grill for our Crossover dinner -- all 24 of us.

and what should appear for dessert
but Birthday Cake #2--rum cake
this time--yum!
and for the first time in a very long time, we had a moonrise. It was stunning! A wonderful way bid farewell to Team 1 and greet Team 2! What a wonderful week it has been!

PS. One answer to 5 8's to make 9 - 88/88 + 8 = 9.


BobM said...

Say what??? 8 + 88/88 = 9. Mr. Bob

St.Lukes said...

You pass the test!