Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Two

A pretty Saturday sunrise.
Paul headed out early for his trip to Lamanai.
Bob and John talk a little finance before breakfast.
The last breakfast at Estelle's for
Team 1...first for Team 2.
Then back to Ruby's to get luggage
and head for the water taxi.
One of two parrots at Estelle's
Baggage check...
The first of several waits today...
Safe travels to all!

Team 2 did a fine job of relaxing on Sat!

Bob and Ginny were the next ones off to enjoy a day at the Sauna.
and a nice lunch.

Sandra and Peter rented bikes and headed north for lunch. Jim wandered the city and the rest of us just pretty much hung out! It was wonderful. Reading, sleeping, lying on the beach and generally doing nothing but relaxing. Gathered for a short service and sharing and then to Carambas for dinner and the usual stop next door for dessert.
Things were hopping at the park with a political rally!

We got alot of rain last night...the front that froze NC arrived. Didn't stop a beautiful sunrise however!
But it was a mite nippy this morning!

Bob and Scott headed to San Mateo to help with the road project but there were no materials...hence no work. They did have a chance to talk to some folks and wander San Mateo.
Still plenty of London Bridges off the main road.

Jim was the first one out for his 7:00 fishing trip. Was successful but not enough for dinner for all! He actually ended up giving it to Brittany to take home for their family dinner.
Sandra and Peter were the ambitious ones today...
off to do a Resort Dive - scuba was great!
Scott and Kathy headed out with the camera to test new knowledge.
Not bad for just learning.
A bunch of us enjoyed lunch at the Blue Water Grill and relaxed the day away. We had a short service and reflection and then headed to Caliente's for dinner. We had just ordered drinks and there was an Island wide power outage but it only lasted for 15 minutes. Nice evening but still very windy and cool.

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