Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday 2

Another beautiful morning from Ruby's deck! It's warmed up again so the long sleeves have gone back into the suitcase. This morning Jim and Paul are heading to the PolyClinic for baby checkups, then some time in San Pedro this afternoon. For the rest of us it's back to the porch...
Virginia & Joyce doing Infant I checks...
Scott saved the day with two new fans...
that porch get's really hot!
The teacher's are using the manipulatives that Camille
taught them about last week! :-)
Sandra worked with small groups of
students tutoring most of the week.
Ginny and Clara continued with Infant I eye checks.
Kathy kept the flow of students going smoothly!
Peter back with the little ones after a day at the
PolyClinic checking adults yesterday.
Meanwhile, Bob and Scott continued the closet renovations.

Cutting scrap for shelving.
The Minnesota team continued with
the new railing over the water.
They made great progress.
Lunch break. Today is an early dismissal day so short afternoon.
First unit going up.
Mr. Lorenzo returned again to teach the sewing ladies.
What a blessing he is for them.
Sandra traded her pencil for gloves and dishes.
The ladies in the kitchen love her help!
Sewing continued after school was out. These are children
of the sewing group women who have a ball playing together.
Dishes done!! Sandra and Miss Roselea well done!

John continued making sure everyone was busy and working odd jobs, Jean continued with medical data and files. The internet was non-existant today and continued that way through Friday. Sorry for the blog delay, but we're in Belize and you learn to go with the flow early on. We had dinner at Red Ginger and enjoyed Tapas and Sangria with a stop by Dande's on the way home. I'll try to get some pictures from Jim of their adventures at the Polyclinic the last two days. Another good day.

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