Saturday, February 4, 2012

We're here!

We're here! There were spits of rain in the air as we deplaned. We breezed through customs and Mr. Philip was waiting for us and took us to the Water Taxi Station.
Mr. Philip loading all those supplies and suitcases into the van.
The Water Taxi was packed with folks.
Surprisingly, most got off at Caye Caulker.
Ah, back to Ruby's!
Saturday morning we headed to Estelle's for breakfast.
had Chinese for lunch...
Isolene stopped by for a visit. Jan sponsors her
at the High School. She's doing great!
We headed to Carrambas for dinner and while there there was a candlelight parade that went by. Several hundred folks marching for World Cancer Day.
And of course Dandes next door for dessert. They were delighted to see us and I'm sure their profits will skyrocket over the next two weeks! Yummy as ever. If you're thinking all we did was eat all day, that's pretty close to the truth. There was a little shopping, reading, sleeping and not much else on Saturday.
When we returned the stars were glorious and there was an almost full moon so most of us relaxed on the deck and enjoyed the evening.

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