Saturday, February 18, 2012

Off we go...

The moon was still out when the sun began
to rise this morning.

We all had breakfast at Estelle's and then headed back to finish up the packing and head to the 9:30 water taxi.
All the baggage checked.
This pelican settled in to preen while we waited.
The in-coming water taxi was about 30 minutes late.
Lots of space on the boat this least til Caye Caulker.
A beautiful ride through crystal clear
blue water.
Almost there.

Philip was waiting for us when we arrived in Belize City. We had a good ride to the airport.
Check-in went smoothly. And much to his surprise,
Jim got his bag back with the meds they had taken
at customs when Team 2 arrived last Friday.
A hot dog and last Belikin from Mr. Jet's.
And equipment to fly us home...late, but here.

We left Belize City about 40 minutes late. Upon arrival in Miami we headed to immigration where they had opened a side section which proved to be much faster than the regular line...then to baggage to claim our bags...then recheck our bags and head for our gate. By the time we grabbed a quick sandwich to eat on the plane, we arrived at the gate as the plane was boarding. We all arrived home safely to the smiling faces of family and friends. Another wonderful Belize Mission Trip under our belts. Thanks be to God.

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