Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday at Holy Cross

Everyday starts out beautiful around here!
We all got to school and wisely took the group
so we wouldn't end up without one!
Handsome group don't you think!
Johnny Cakes and papaya to die for!
Lots of activity today. We started out with children's chapel.
Deacon Jan did the oldest groups' sermon.
Robert and Wayne finished up the new
shelves in the Sewing Center.
which were rapidly filled.

Doug, Robert, Wayne and Denise began
making the drawer plans a reality.

Clara took up a paintbrush...
and Linda took the high spots.
Mr. Bob did more Math...
Anna returned to tutoring...
Denise also...
Joanne kept the books coming...
Holly tutored too..lots of learning going on.
Denise is experiencing it all!
It was getting mighty hot after lunch
so the painters headed inside...
Clara helpped the kitchen ladies..
and Linda too...
Jan headed to the library...
along with Clara, Linda and Camille to catalogue
and shelve the books we brought down.
Into the computerized card catalog.
Mr. Bob returned to finalizing the data sheets
for heights and weights.
Holly and Anna made heart
beanbags for their game for
the Valentine's Fair tomorrow.

We all headed home after a very good day of work....had some refreshment, showers and Evening Service and reflections time. And since it's Thursday that means Caliente's and the Chicken Drop!
Would you like to buy some jewelry? They
start them out young around here!
Dinner on the deck for a good view.
Our own sweet Anna dropped the chicken
on the second go round. I will not go into
details about the game...check the
"Feb 2011-Thurs Big birthday" entry for details.

Another great day! Valentines Fair tomorrow...chaos!

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