Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday 2 - Happy Valentine's Day!

We've got kisses (x) in the clouds this Valentine's Day!
And of course a beautiful sunrise...again.
Lots of good conversation over Ruby's Cafe coffee.
A great breeze as we walked to school.
and great art along the way!

Jim and Peter are headed to the PolyClinic today to do adult checkups. After breakfast folks headed into San Mateo for a tour.
New construction...
and landscaping as well as quite a bit of new fill show some of the improvements.
Students waiting to go into school.
Then back to work.
Ginny and Clara began vision tests on Infant 1 students.
Kathy pulled kids five at a time for vision tests.
Kathy transposed data onto medical forms and ushered kids.
Bob, John and Scott began removing the old roofing as the new had arrived.
and Paul and Virginia continued to see referred students and Infant 1's.
New roof is almost done.
Tailor Lorenzo taught the sewing ladies. Sandra got some good video that we hope to use for some education and fundraising efforts for the group.

Sandra continued helping in Miss Flores' Infant II class, Jean fought the unbelievably slow internet trying to blog and finally gave up and turned to medical files and John kept the flow going.
At the end of the day it was out with the old..
and on with the new!
John climbed up on the computer room roof to get a picture of the solar panels that provide electricity for the computer room.
There is a small group here from Minnesota. They are working on higher railing around the back of the school. One of their members is on the Holy Cross Foundation Board so we got a good update on their activities. Really nice group and great supporters of Holy Cross!

We headed home to showers and on your own dinner for Valentine's Day.
Brittany brought Joyce's Holy Cross necklace.
and Estralla stopped by with her kids.
They are cuties.

Team members supported the Blue Water Grill, Caliente's, and Wild Mango's for their Valentine Dinners. A nice evening was had by all. One bonus when we got back was that the hall lights were out on the third floor - the stars were beautiful!

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