Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday 2

Each morning is different, but just as delightful!
Scott checking out the action on the water.
A bit later he got this great shot of the Fish Hawk
that kept us entertained many mornings.
Interesting walk to school this morning--
A tricolor heron waiting for breakfast to go by.
The barge arrived with lumber this morning.
That's one reason it's so expensive on the island
everything has to be brought over by boat.
Street repairs this morning..cement mixer
shovels and sand...fond memories of
Caye Caulker where we were the laborers.
Miss Grace, Principal and Miss Tasher,
Vice-Principal discuss the coming day.
Water change. Our drinking water
comes in the big 5 gallon bottles.
They get turned into the base..
sometimes a wet undertaking!
Two med students from England who are working
at the PolyClinic. Jim invited them down to see
the other side of San Pedro by going on home
visits to San Mateo this morning.
Ginny and Kathy transferring eye data to forms.
Chapel this morning so no porch work until 10:00.
There are three chapels..for the little guys,
the middlers and then the older ones.
The older students do their own chapel.
Paul was back with Infant I checks this morning.
Virginia worked side by side with Paul...
they were a great team!
The word is out the Docs are here.
Eyes are done...time for dishes!
It pays to work in the kitchen...
on hot dog day Ginny gets PB&J.
Scott and Bob continued with the closet.
Framing up..
3-year old PreSchool Class.
John entertaining one of the teacher's son.

A busy day at Holy Cross. Jim, Peter, Sandra and the two medical students spent the morning in San Mateo making home visits. It was quite an eye opener for the students and Jim said their reaction was exactly what he wanted. Some staff and teachers were seen after school. Another good day.
The football teams were beginning practice
as we were leaving. Mr. Coba, Standard VI
teacher is their coach. He does a great job!
There is a girls team...
and a boys team.
Pupusas and burritos for dinner tonight!
They're a cornmeal dough stuffed with
cheese, veggies or meat and then
fried and served with tomato sauce
and marinated cabbage. Yummy!
Waragamas is one of our
favorite local dining spots!
It's a "Welcome Back Mr. John"
when he pays the bill.

Following dinner some headed for ice cream, others for some last shopping and others for the deck and the stars at Ruby's. A good day with great reflections before and during dinner.

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